Children’s Lunera supports a child’s immature immune system

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Prebiotic

Children’s Lunera is planned for young children attending day-care centres. They are at increased risk for respiratory infections. The immune system of young children is not yet fully developed and infections are transmitted effectively in day-care centres.


For children age one or older 5 ml daily. Recommended for continuous use.

Supports children’s immune systems

Formulated by a paediatrician

Made in Finland

About children’s respiratory virus infections

  • Vitamin D and children’s respiratory virus infections

    • Vitamin D activates the body’s immune system
    • Low serum vitamin D level in children is associated to their susceptibility to common cold
    • Vitamin D supplementation alone does not prevent common colds 
  • Prebiotic

    • Prebiotics promote health by increasing beneficial bacteria in the gut
    • Prebiotics acticate the immunse system
    • Polydextrose is a well-tolerant prebiotic
  • Zinc and children’s respiratory virus infections

    • Zinc strengthens the immune system in a number of ways
    • Zinc decreases the replication of rhinovirus, the most common cold virus
    • There are indications that zinc may decrease the incidence of common colds